Bonjour à tous,

Alain Tchana de l'INPT fera un exposé le vendredi 02/02/2018 à 10h30 dans l'amphi du Labri sur:

Energy saving and performance improvement in virtualized datacenters

Numerous companies rely on cloud infrastructures for hosting their services because of their
attractive costs. Electricity consumption is a major challenge in such infrastructures, it
represents around 50% to 70% of the expenditures. It doubles every five years due to
explosive growth in both the number and density of datacenters, according to the last Berkeley Lab report. So, this is also a critical issue for the planet because electricity consumption results in CO2 emission. Existing approaches, based on virtual machine (VM) packing and dynamic server power scaling, have reached their limit because of the server-centric architecture of datacenters on the one hand and the server bounded limitation of VM monitors on the other hand. The new trend to go further consists in building future datacenters as giant computers, called disaggregated datacenters. I will present my major contributions in this direction.

Since September 2013, Alain Tchana is Associate Professor - HDR at ENSEEIHT-INPT. His Ph.D. thesis was on research topics related to autonomic administration systems. The latter are middleware services which allow administration tasks to be automated (self-deployment, self-repair, self-*). In particular, he worked on the autonomic administration of cloud infrastructures. Since he was recruited as Associate Professor, he moved to the virtualization and operating system domains, (the good layers for addressing issues in their generality). The next step in his research path is the exploration of the future computer architectures for cloud infrastructures.